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Step 1:


The first we prep the surface down to a solid substrate. 

Through this process we are able to help protect the structural integrity of the swimming pool.

Step 2:


We chip down to the gunite spaced approximately 18" apart. This helps the bond coat to have a good structural hold resulting in a surface that is ready for plastering. 



Bond Coat

We now will apply a bond coat to the pool surface. Plaster needs something to adhere to and this helps it have a good structural hold on the shell of the pool.

Step 4:


Finally we apply the plaster, quartz or pebble surface of your choice. Once your swimming pool is filled, we do the initial start-up to balance the water (this includes pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness) and you are all set to enjoy your beautiful new pool for many years to come.


For the past 40+ years it has been our experience that a typical plaster finish can last 15 to 20 years if the water chemistry is kept balanced. Balanced water means between -.2 and +.2 on the saturation index.

Water chemistry is vital to your pool finish longevity.

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